Manager, Credit Evaluation-Bloemfontein

  • Standard Bank
  • Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa
  • May 21, 2020
Full Time Banking

Job Description

Job Details

Risk Management: understanding all risks - from the economic to the political - that could affect our global business, and offering guidance to all parts of the bank

Job Purpose

    • Assessment and evaluation of lending applications for clients (individuals and businesses) based on sound credit risk and affordability assessments, financial principles and credit policies which will support growth of the asset book of the bank and manage credit losses by ensuring sound lending credit principles are applied at all times and that lending is within the Bank's risk appetite parameters. This will include the spectrum of lending products available to all segments of clients including Personal, Lifestyle, Business, Agri and Entrepreneur, including specialised lending, trade finance, debtors finance, commercial property finance, agriculture and others.
    • Support business partners in understanding and meeting client lending needs.
    • The jobholder may operate in one or more of the segments as required by business needs

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Credit evaluations:

    • Obtains and assesses client and financial information, including cash flows and cash flow forecasts, with a view to understanding the current debt levels and repayment requirements as relates to different products, segments and banks.
    • Makes prudent credit decisions on lending applications and authority sought requests within the parameters of the relevant individual product policies and/or multiple product policy, relevant regulatory requirements such as the National Credit Act and sound financial principles.
    • Determines the best possible lending solution for the client and the Bank.
    • Proactively highlights opportunities for asset growth in line with ecosystem philosophy & sound credit risk principles
    • Adheres to
    • Before sunset service” in order to deliver excellent client experience.
    • Considers the requirement for collateral, guarantees, pre-conditions, post-conditions and covenants, dependant on the segment.
    • Ensures correctness of information on which decision is being made.
    • Obtains additional inputs from specialists where required.
    • Performs annual reviews as required by policy timeously
    • Performs and/or validates credit risk ratings on clients / businesses
    • Engages Business to understand client requests, their business, financials and potential collateral available.
    • Ensures that decisions are timeously made, minimising reworks as far as possible.
    • Proactively follows up on matters which have been reworked or awaiting information from clients.
    • Prepares motivations and recommendations for applications falling outside the delegated authority and presents this to appropriate authority levels.
    • Adheres to business rules while still applying sustainable intuitive solutions. Within bounds of risk consciousness motivates for exceptions to business rules and policies where appropriate.
    • Correctly applies legislative requirements such as the National Credit Act
    • Displays a good understanding of legal principles in setting conditions and agreeing to amendments to agreements and conditions, ensuring the Bank is protected and risks are mitigated.
    • Understands industry, regulatory and business risks (such as BEE, high risk industries etc) which will impact the financial health of a client and their ability to repay.
    • Considers and provides input on appropriate risk / reward in respect of facilities and risk groups
    • Issues 23236 forms/letters with conditions stated clearly and correctly


    • Adherence to SLAs
    • Decline triggers
    • Rework targets
    • Overdue Annual review triggers
    • Adherence to business rules and risk appetite
    • Adherence to Delegated Authority
    • Maintain an acceptable hind-sighting error rate
    • Stakeholder feedback iro Solution orientation
    • Complaints received and appropriately resolved
    • NPL and Early Arrears (Stage 2 & 3)
    • Credit Loss ratios and Bad rates

Client Engagement:

    • Attends client visits to understand clients and their businesses. Client engagements may be in person or telephonic.
    • Supports business to understand clients and whether lending opportunities fall within risk appetite
    • Performs regular suite and/or CST visits
    • Participates in round table discussions as required
    • Visits watchlist clients as required in support of Business, Support and recoveries teams.
    • Visits high value clients in area they support.
    • Supports and participates in ecosystem meetings and discussions.


    • Client visit targets
    • Stakeholder feedback from Business

Credit Risk and Account Management:

    • Stipulates conditions for facilities bearing credit risk policies and processes in mind.
    • Displays a good understanding the credit risk management environment.
    • Supports the Credit Risk team as required to ensure performance of their responsibilities.
    • Pro-actively identifies opportunities to improve processes and systems within the business unit to enhance risk management and efficiencies.
    • Manages and resolves complaints within agreed time frames and provides feedback to all key stakeholders and customers on progress during the resolution process.
    • Refers suspected fraudulent accounts to the Fraud Department for investigation.
    • Action daily Referral reports before cut off (11am)
    • Proactively manages Watchlist clients in collaboration with relationship manager and Credit Risk.
    • Identifies clients where risk has changed and management is required on the Monitoring and/or watchlist.
    • Adds all expired Temporary Excesses which have not been rectified timeously to the Monitoring List.
    • Supports Credit Risk and/or Debt Care team as regards clients on the Watchlist /CRC schedules as per processes


    • Team / stakeholder feedback
    • Customer complaints resolved timeously
    • Hindsighting of conditions set in approvals
    • % of watchlist clients that return to Performing category (Stage1)

Training and mentoring :

    • Assists with training new staff as and when required and cross skilling of existing staff.
    • Provides credit guidance and advice to business through the sharing of knowledge, coaching and assistance in improving the understanding and quality of credit risk
    • Attends and learns from additional training to enhance credit skills and acquire skill across different segments and products, as required


    • Feedback from stakeholders and team
    • Achievement of new DAs or cross skilling goals as required by business needs

Management information:

    • Provides input as required for various reports and portfolio management


    • Stakeholder feedback

Stakeholder management:

    • Builds and maintains relationships within the broader credit team and business stakeholders.
    • Acts as a partner to business in unlocking ecosystem & other client opportunities to support the achievement of asset growth within the bounds of responsible credit risk management and set risk appetite.
    • Ensures that service is provided to the satisfaction of all stakeholders in terms of service level agreement.
    • Attends business and team connect sessions, ecosystem and squad meetings
    • Visits and works from branches, suites and CST sites to ensure availability to perform Credit Evaluation, Client Engagement and Training/Mentoring outputs as per above.


    • Stakeholder feedback
    • Attendance and participation at meetings

Project management :

    • Participates in projects and any ad-hoc functions, including training of staff.


    • Projects completed within SLA's and expected outcomes

Preferred Qualification and Experience

    • Minimum Qualification: First Degree-Field of study: Finance and Accounting
    • B/Comm Accounting or Financial Management Degree or Credit Diploma or other relevant credit training
    • Credit Risk Management: 5-7 Years Experience in intuitive credit assessment and decisioning in relevant segment and products (i.e. across business, entrepreneur, lifestyle and personal). Thorough knowledge and understanding of financial statements. Knowledge and understanding of repayment structures, collateral and collection processes within the banking environment. Understanding of legalities associated with lending and collateral.

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

    • Computer Literacy
    • Risk Principles
    • Legal Principles - Collateral
    • Credit Granting