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Job Widget

Webmasters and website owners can integrate our Job Widgets into their Websites. Our JavaScript and iFrame codes are easy to use. Our widgets are flexible and responsive, and will adjust to any web or mobile display.

Pick from any of our feeds below, Javascript or iFrame version, copy and paste code to your website or application to display the latest jobs from our websites.

See sample widget below.

Replace the XXXXX in the code with actual Job feed number

<!-- start Javascript code -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://feed.mikle.com/js/fw-loader.js" data-fw-param="XXXXX/"></script>
<!-- end Javascript code -->

<!-- start iframe code -->
<iframe src="https://feed.mikle.com/widget/v2/XXXXX/"></iframe>
<!-- end iframe code -->

For Jobs in Nigeria, replace XXXXX with 31505

For Jobs in South Africa, replace XXXXX with 31507

For Jobs in Ghana, replace XXXXX with 31509

For Jobs in Kenya, replace XXXXX with 31517

For Jobs across Africa, replace XXXXX with 45188

Job RSS Feeds

Our RSS feeds can be fetched from the links below

Jobs in Nigeria

Jobs in South Africa

Jobs in Ghana

Jobs in Kenya

Jobs across Africa

Job XML Data Source

Developers and website owners can import job listings directly from our database and customise how they wish to display them on their website. A sample XML Data Source is shown below. Click on the individual links below for country specific XML feeds.

XML Data Source

XML Feed - Jobs in Nigeria

XML Feed - Jobs in South Africa

XML Feed - Jobs in Ghana

XML Feed - Jobs in Kenya

XML Feed - Jobs across Africa

We are also happy to collaborate with employers and accept XML Data Feeds from companies or recruiters who wish to bulk-list their job vacancies through our network of sites across Africa. Contact us here for further consultation.